Doğanlar Investment Holding

Doganlar Investment Holdings, which started its commercial life in 1970s with the establishment of Dogan Furniture by Father Ali Dogan, has become a group of companies that has progressed steadily over the years, contributing to both social and economic development and providing services in different sectors.

Not only working for the country’s economy; Doganlar Investment Holding, which attaches great importance to education, health, culture, art and environment with the social responsibility projects, also contributes to international relations with its 65 countries that exporting.

Cooperating with various institutions and organizations from different continents Doganlar Investment Holding, constitute the world’s most advanced standards and innovative range of products suitable for Turkey, with a large number of quality assurance and proof that a global institution instance.

Doganlar Investment Holding is the member of Turkey’s largest 100 group, with their ambitious workings. Having a family of 10,000 people, Doğanlar Yatırım Holding will continue to contribute to the national economy with these successful efforts.


Turning opportunities into investment in all business lines with manageable risks.


Become a more effective group with group cpmpanies on an international scale.

“Believing in the international power of communication, Doğanlar Yatırım Holding adopts the principles and principles it has adopted, with its openness and transparency policy; aims to generate value for all social stakeholders through communication activities as well as commercial activities”

Our Values

In line with its stable growth and sustainable profitability policies, Doğanlar Yatırım Holding was born in Biga and became a group operating in the international arena today. Together with the group companies, the Holding wants to increase the service and contributions it offers to all humanity, not just our country people. This goal is the basis of the structuring and the vision that will carry the Doğanlar Investment Holding to the future.

Doğanlar Investment Holding has laid out the basic approaches that determine business conduct as a set of principles and has adopted these principles since its establishment. The basic philosophy of these principles is “respect for human and natural life”.

Doğanlar Investment Holding will continue its facilities with the communication with employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, as well as all parties and stakeholder of the holding.


Corporate Principles and Values;











Doğan Mobilya was founded

Dogan Furniture stepped into the furniture industry with establishment by Father Ali Dogan.


Dogtas AS was founded

6 brothers founded together Dogtas AŞ in Biga and they began to spread across the furniture store in Turkey.


First time exported

Doğtaş made his first export to Albania and started to give franchises to abroad.


Doğtaş included into TURQUALITY programme

They were selected as TURQUALITY candidate.


Kelebek Furniture joined us

The largest share of the furniture company Kelebek was taken and became the second largest investor in the Turkish furniture sector.


Doğanlar Investment Holding was founded

Doğanlar Investment Holding, which operates in various sectors including furniture, construction, energy and retail sector, was founded.