Beginning in 1972 with a 35 m² shop, this journey turned into a huge family where thousands of people were employed today. About 50 years ago, Doğtaş was born in a workshop in the Biga district of Çanakkale. Hacı Ali Dogan, a history that began with small workshops producing the couch, crossed Turkey’s borders, spread all over the world. 15 years after the founding of Doğanlar Mobilya, the six brothers established Doğtaş A.Ş.

With the establishment of Doğtaş A.Ş. in 1987, a giant step was taken towards institutionalization and Doğtaş became a furniture giant with more than 200 stores in Turkey and abroad, exporting to more than 50 countries.

Kelebek Furniture is one of Turkey’s first panel furniture and kitchen manufacturers and history of the republic’s oldest industrial companies. Kelebek Furniture was founded in 1935 by Atatürk’s signature and directive to produce plywood for the wings of the first domestic plane. The pioneer of many firsts in the sector, Kelebek Furniture was awarded the ISO Environment Award in 1985 and became the first furniture company to receive TSEK and TSE certificates. With its knowledge and experience of nearly 50 years, Doğtaş Mobilya has brought together its dynamic and expert staff and presented its brand new brand Benino Home to our consumers. Lovasleep, which uses the most advanced systems and technology of American Leggett & Platt with 125 years of experience in Sleep technologies and Innovative spring systems, has been offered to our service to maximize your sleep health and bed pleasure. Butterfly is one of the largest design group from Turkey’s Kitchen The kitchen area, private individuals and institutions tasteful, is proud to serve our customers with the highest quality boutique quality and understanding.