Children in the scope of Gülsün Diye Project T.C. The General Directorate of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education and the President Gülben ERGEN, Gülben Children’s Association in cooperation with the philanthropist Doganlar Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Davut DOĞAN, Biga County Olcay Dogan Kindergarten in Gümüşçay County inaugurated on 14/12/2013 ceremonial

The ceremony was attended by our Governor Ahmet ÇINAR, the philanthropist Doğanlar Holding Chairman Davut DOĞAN, Anne Ayşe DOĞAN, Doğanlar Holding Board Members and Doğanlar Family and Provincial Director of National Education. Şaban KARATAŞ, Association President Gülben ERGEN, Provincial and District protocol managers, Biga and Gümüşçay people, school students and parents were held with the participation.

In the ceremony, our esteemed Mr. Ahmet ÇINAR gave a plaque of gratitude to Doğan Family, who had the construction of the school with the artist Gülben ERGEN.