Lova, a young sleep-wellness brand empowered by 52-year experience new generation technology, new generation brand excellent cushioning for your spine


Doğanlar Furniture Group, the creator of Turkey's pioneer furniture brands,

Now proudly and comfortably presents with its 52 years of experience, Turkey's youngest and most dynamic sleep brand: Lova. Lova Sleeps bring 52 years of design, production and retailing experience in the furniture industry together with state-of-the-art materials. All to provide a unique and comfortable sleeping experience. On average, a person spends a third of their life a sleep. With this in mind, Lova produces its sleeps to provide people with quality and comfortable sleeping. It uses state-of-the-art technology and special techniques to design smart Sleeps that support the human orthopedics and take into account spinal health and body temperature. Never compromising on comfort. 

We rewrite the rules with a personalized comfortable sleep experience

Combining the new-generation mattress materials it has developed with thoroughness in its products, Lova rewrites the rules of sleeping and sleeps with its custom products that surpass the expectations and offer a comfortable sleeping experience to all body types. While the new generation patented spring systems and memory foam technology offer health and comfort in perfect harmony to the user, the breathable surface using heat and moisture transfer fabric and sponge technologies create a hygienic and temperature-balanced sleeping environment.

Lova products offer a wide product portfolio that can meet all tastes and needs

Lova Sleeps, which offers solutions to custom needs with state-of-the-art anti-bacterial fabrics that permanently eliminate bacteria and smart foam technology that wraps the body by taking its shape and retakes its initial form once the pressure goes away; aims to become an environmentally conscious, sustainable brand by using recycled fabrics and materials.

State-of-the-art production lines meet ergonomic designs in our factory

In the production area of 5,000 m2, located in the Biga district of Çanakkale, with an investment of EUR 3 million since the second half of 2020, state-of-the-art production lines meet with user-friendly ergonomic designs. At the Lova factory where sleep production capacity reached 250 thousand units per year with the new investments, a team of 100 people, 10 of which are R&D specialists, are working to offer their customers the most comfortable sleeping experience.

Accessible Concept Store Approach

Lova Sleeps is taking fast steps towards becoming an accessible brand in terms of location, with its understanding of spreading its stores wide. Designed to offer the ideal shopping experience with its customer-oriented service approach, expert and friendly sales staff and intimate and comfortable architectural concept, Lova concept stores are mainly located in shopping malls and central streets. Lova Sleeps has doubled its concept store network by the end of 2022, reaching 110 stores, and offers services at approximately 673 sales points, including 563 corners in domestic and foreign markets.