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Date Review
30 April 2024
We visited Biotrend Ezine Plant and Doğtaş Biga Factory of our group companies
01 June 2023
News From Us
01 May 2023
News From Us
01 April 2023
News From Us
01 March 2023
News From Us
01 February 2023
Doğan Ali Doğan, Doğanlar Holding Executive Board Member and Doğyap İnşaat Deputy Chairman of the Board, explains that they pass on their traditions to the future through wisdom in the “Road to the Summit” section of Capital magazine.
01 February 2023
Davut Doğan, our Chairman, talks about Doğanlar Holding’s egalitarian approach in the February issue of Capital magazine!
30 January 2023
Feride Cem of Sabah interviews Davut Doğan, our Chairman
23 January 2023
Doğanlar Furniture Group Announces Targets for 2023.
15 January 2023
Doğanlar Furniture Group signs the “UN Women” (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) agreement
26 December 2022
The Group Plans IPO for 2023
19 December 2022
Biotrend Enerji CEO Osman Nuri Vardı in Business World Global
29 November 2022
Doğanlar Furniture Group Signs the “UN Global Compact”
25 November 2022
Environmentally Friendly Investments Continue
14 November 2022
Doğanlar Furniture Group Shares Its Success
08 November 2022
Phygital Leap by Kelebek Furniture
07 November 2022
Biotrend Enerji Reaches Record Growth Figures
07 November 2022
Business Special Coverage for Osman Nuri Vardı
07 November 2022
Business Special Coverage for Davut Doğan
05 November 2022
Quality Sleep Thanks to Lova Mattress
04 November 2022
Doğtaş Takes London by Storm
03 November 2022
Proses Çözümleri Magazine Special Coverage for Osman Nuri Vardı
02 November 2022
Paw Guarantee by Doğtaş
31 October 2022
Chemical Recycling Plant to be Built
25 October 2022
Kelebek Furniture Opens First Concept Store in the UK
20 October 2022
The Longest Lasting “Butterfly” Born from the Wings of Domestic Aircraft
19 October 2022
Doğtaş Opens 4th Store in France
19 October 2022
The planned advanced recycling plant is expected to have the capacity to transform 30,000 metric tons of mixed waste plastics into Honeywell Recycled Polymer Feedstock per year utilizing Honeywell’s UpCycle Process Technology.
17 October 2022
Ekonomist Magazine Special Coverage
15 October 2022
Kelebek Makes its Mark on Dap Yapı’s New Project
12 October 2022
Doğtaş Opens 54th Store in Ghana
06 October 2022
Giant Investment in Innovation by Doğanlar Holding
27 September 2022
Biotrend Energy will apply Honeywell’s UpCycle Process Technology in Biotrend Energy’s planned plastics recycling factory in Turkey.
26 September 2022
Biotrend Energy Selects Honeywell Technology To Build An Advanced Plastics Recycling Plant In Turkey
24 August 2022
Strong First Half Figures from Biotrend Energy
18 August 2022
A Meaningful Signature for Women's Employment from Doğanlar Furniture Group!
07 August 2022
We Maintain Our Competitiveness With R&D Investments
29 July 2022
Openning Of Bıotrend Energy Inegol East Regıon Integrated Solıd Waste Dısposal Facılıty
01 July 2022
Patented Style And Confort
03 June 2022
Doğanlar Furniture Group Raised in Ranks in the ISO 500 List!
07 June 2021
Biotrend turns waste into national wealth.
07 June 2021
Press Launch of Lova Sleep
07 June 2021
Doğtaş Kelebek made a profit of TRY 15 million in the first quarter of 2021
07 June 2021
Doğtaş Kelebek increased its target with ISO 2020 results.
07 June 2021
Quality of Magazine Best Biomass Energy Award
05 June 2021
5’th of June World Environment Day Movie
08 April 2021
Biotrend Çevre ve Enerji Yatırımları A.Ş. Advertisement Movie
01 October 2023
Bizden Haberler
01 September 2023
Bizden Haberler
01 August 2023
Bizden Haberler
01 July 2023
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