Doğanlar Holding is at the forefront of progress, dedicated to quality and robust manufacturing policies which prioritize people, nature, and the environment.



With a stable growth and sustainable profitability policies in line with its indispensable institutional principles and values, Doğanlar Holding originated in Biga and has become a group operating in the international arena.

Our values that set us apart from other families and other holdings, and that make us who we are:

  • Respect: We treat people, nature, environment, our roots, history, culture, and future generations with respect.
  • Warmth: We uphold love, compassion and tolerance. These values reflect in all our relationships.
  • Results: We promote result-oriented working. We can only accomplish our mission through our values.


We Adopt the following Corporate Governance Principles:

  • Fairness: Doğanlar Holding's leadership is responsible for treating all rights-holders equally and ensures that the rights of all rights-holders, including minority shareholders and foreign partners, are protected, and contracts honored.
  • Transparency: Sharing accurate, clear and referenced information with the public is essential at Doğanlar Holding.
  • Accountability: Doğanlar Holding Board of Directors monitors the top management's performance independently and ensures management's accountability to shareholders.
  • Responsibility: Doğanlar Holding group companies create value for shareholders while complying with the laws and regulations reflecting social values in its operations.




‘We are in the business of creating value’

We are in the business of creating sustainable value for our investors, customers, employees and suppliers.


‘We have a dream of leaving our mark’

We have a dream of leaving our mark in all the areas we operate.