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As the Doğanlar Holding Family, we place people at the heart of our actions, believe in open communication, support creative ideas, and grow by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Being a Member of the Doğanlar Holding Family

We work hard to reach out and touch the lives of our employees and add value to their lives. We believe that special occasions and memories are more meaningful when shared and that collective memories reinforce our bonds.

To this end,

  • We provide our employees with special gift sets in cases of marriage, babies, disease and death through a program called My Company by My Side.
  • We organize joyful celebrations of special occasions together with our families.
  • We provide bonuses to our employees at our Doğanlar Holding company for the sales they initiate with a program called Save as you Sell, Earn as you Save.
  • We resort to remote working to keep the motivation and productivity of our employees high and to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • We offer treats and organize small events during our breaks at the office.