Making all the furniture and decorative accessories that living spaces need accessible with its different furniture brands catering to all styles and budgets, Doğanlar Holding continues to grow at home and abroad with its innovative approaches to the furniture sector.


Our brands

Doğtaş, a global brand of Turkey; It has stores in cities such as
New York, London, Paris, Lyon, Berlin, Vienna, Lausanne, as well as
in cities that set trends around the world, including Africa, Turkic
Republics and Asia. With nearly 300 concept stores in Turkey and
abroad, Doğtaş is among the important players of the furniture
industry. Offering its customers functional, quality and accessible
collections suitable for all kinds of decoration needs, Doğtaş adds
value to living spaces. It offers 300 different fabrics and 35
different wood color options to its customers in its collections,
which skillfully reflects its years of experience and expertise.
Kelebek Furniture brought lamination technology, an innovative
system for the furniture industry, to Turkey in 1983 The first
furniture company to go public by entering the stock market in
1990, Kelebek offers its products to consumers in more than 230
furniture stores in Turkey and abroad with the aim of becoming a
massive and global brand. Offering furniture for every taste and
style with its wide range of products, Kelebek offers its customers
the opportunity to furnish and experience virtual furniture with
Kelebek furniture, by combining phygital (physical and digital)
merchandising with free architectural services, by making
drawings of their homes.
Shaped by important R&D studies and bringing sleep to life, Lova
Mattress sleep products offer a unique sleep and comfort
experience. With its high technology and special techniques, Lova
Mattress designs smart mattresses that support ideal body
orthopedics, consider spine health and body temperature, pillows
that are the most important complement of healthy sleep, and
home textile products. Aiming to be Turkey's "comfortable sleep
brand", Lova Mattress continues to improve its mattresses every
day to offer its users a quality and comfortable sleep experience.
The online brand of Doğanlar Furniture Group, Ruumstore, has
been meeting with its internet customers since 2019 with the
motto "Make room for innovation". More than 25 thousand
products in more than 70 categories can be easily viewed on the
user-friendly online platform.
The important construction projects it takes part in also become a
reference for abroad, and it has been receiving high demand from
projects abroad, especially in the last period. The brand, which
provides the first and only 5-year warranty in Turkey for all kitchen
models, offers free measurement, transportation and assembly
As we embark on our journey to introduce our birthplace, Biga, to
the world, we follow the footsteps of the past and present. We
create a story of opening up to the world with the strength we
derive from our roots under the roof of BIGA Home.